Business Planning

Business owners are typically on an island.  There are few resources available to them that can truly relate to their situation.  To make matters worse, the time and energy it takes to run a business leave little time to think, plan, and lead a team…let alone have a life.

We are a small business with a small team but, collectively, we have been through a lot and exposed to a lot.  Most significantly, our Data Scribe family has faced life-altering adversity.  Due to our purpose, our culture, our planning, and our team, we have turned adversity into opportunity time and time again.  We are proud of what we have built and what we have accomplished.  We are most proud, however, that we all have the time to live life to the fullest and we enable others to do the same.  It all started with our Business Planning and we have made that model available to other small businesses.

There are thousands of books, consultants, and courses available that will teach you how to run a business.  They teach you how to scale, how to lead, how to operate, how to market, etc.  Our Business Planning Solution is unique in that it starts with you, your strengths and your long-term goals as opposed to changing who you are.  We dig deep to understand you as a person…not just you as a business owner or client.  Then, we stay engaged and plugged in to provide support, accountability, ongoing planning, and audibles as necessary.

We tailor our Business Planning programs based on your needs but the general process is consistent:
  1. Why?: Such a simple question but a very difficult part of the process for most business owners.  Answering the question, “Why are you in business?” seems straight-forward enough but first-time answers usually include, to sell, to make, to build, to offer.  The what you do often gets confused with the why you do it.  This is the most critical step in our Business Planning process and something we take very serious.
  2. Who?: A business is only as good as the team in place.  A team will have the most success when the players are put in a position to leverage their strengths as opposed to overcome their weaknesses.  Furthermore, a team-wide understanding of who is talented at what will result in a powerful level of unity and loyalty.  Data Scribe will perform and collect inventory of your entire team and run you and/or your management through training on how to best lead and leverage the innate strengths within your team.
  3. Lay the Foundation: Together, we will create or modify your Purpose, Vision, and Values of your business.  These will support your entire team in everyday decision making.  Through our guided execution, you will be amazed to see how these items become far more than words on a paper for your team to memorize.  They become living and breathing culture that spreads throughout every aspect of your business.
  4. Long-Term Business Plan: Planning for tomorrow is tough.  Planning for the next 3-5 years seems impossible.  Thankfully, you have Data Scribe to lean on.  In this step of the process, we take everything we have learned about you and your business and begin developing the strategy, plan, and goals to make your vision a reality.
  5. Short-Term Business Plan: With the Long-Term Business Plan in place, we can now break everything down to the next levels.  We will establish 1 year and quarterly plans and goals that will result in achieving your long-term goals.
  6. Rhythm: Plans are great but mean nothing without execution.  To execute, routines and habits must be established.  Data Scribe will guide you through implementing a flow and rhythm to your business that will ultimately result in significant time savings and unprecedented performance.  This will include training, a schedule and an agenda for quarterly and annual planning sessions.
  7. Accountability: Our Business Planning Solution is not about making money.  It is about having an exponential impact on our community through strengthening your business and your team.  As a result, we will continue to stay involved until you tell us, “I got this!”  We will be your accountability partner throughout to ensure you are staying on track, as well as serve as your sounding board for anything and everything you encounter.

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