Invoice Management

If your company receives hundreds or thousands of bills from the same set of vendors on a recurring basis, you are in the right place!  Since the early ’80s, some of the largest national brands have leveraged our Invoice Management Solution.

Here’s how it works:
  1. We begin receiving all the bills directly from your vendors.
  2. We digitally archive each bill.
  3. We capture the information pertinent to you.
  4. We invoice you once for all of the bills and include the necessary detail.
  5. You pay us once.
  6. We pay all of the individual bills.
Your AP Department will immediately recognize the following value:
  1. Time saved opening, sorting, and scanning invoices
  2. Time saved posting and reconciling those invoices
  3. Time saved paying those invoices
  4. Money saved in payment processing (i.e. check cost, postage, bank fees, etc.)

Sit on that for a second.  That’s an overwhelming amount of time and money that is currently being spent just to pay bills.  Through our Invoice Management Solution, that all goes away.

Want to save time through our Invoice Management?

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